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About IWCH

The Institute of Working Class History (IWCH)* is an independent, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to the examination and promotion of the history of the common people.  In 2014, it has re-published a volume of selected works by American labor leader Eugene V. Debs as well as organized conferences and seminars.  The IWCH organized an international conference in Chicago in 2010 entitled: A Century+ of May Days: Labor and Social Struggles. In 2014, we co-sponsored the Workers’ Internationalism before 1914”conference (with the University of East Anglia, School of History and the journal Socialist History) in Norwich, U.K.

*based in Chicago, IWCH has been registered in the State of Illinois (USA) as a not-for-profit organization since 2000.

People Involved

As we continue our work, we wish to establish an international advisory board of like-minded scholars who would help guide our work and suggest future activities. We invite you to join this board. While the pay is non-existent, the work would be light. We only ask that you are willing to advise us and that we can list you publicly as a collaborator. If you are willing to help, contact us and say how we should identify you on our web site and in our publications.

Board of Directors

  • William A. Pelz
  • Mark A. Lause
  • Axel Fair-Schultz

Editorial Assistant

  • Katie Stollenwerk 

International Advisory Board

  • Bruno Drweski
    • Institute of Languages and Eastern Civilizations (France)
  • Sobhanial Gupta
    • University of Calcutta (India)
  • Marek Hrubec
    • Center of Global Studies – Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Narihiko Ito
    • Chuo University (Japan)
  • Roger Johansson
    • Malmo University (Sweden)
  • Boris Kagarlitsky
    • Institute of Globalization (Russia)
  • Francis King
    • Editor – Socialist History (England)
  • Norman LaPorte
    • University of Glamorgan (Wales)
  • Jie-Hyun Lim
    • Research Institute of Comparative History & Culture 
    • Hangyang University (South Korea)
  • Ottokar Luban
    • International Rosa Luxemburg Association (Germany)
  • Steven McGiffen
    • American Graduate School in Paris (France)
  • Jean-Pierre Page
    • Editor – La Pensee libre (France)
  • Bryan D. Palmer
    • Trent University (Canada)
  • Vijay Preshad
    • Trinity College (USA)
  • Ingo Schmidt
    • Athabasca University (Canada)
  • Raquel Varela
    • Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Sjaak van der Velden
    • International Institute of Social History (Netherlands)
  • Fritz Weber
    • University of Vienna (Austria)
  • Wei Xiaoping
    • Academy of Social Sciences (People’s Republic of China)


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